The conventional problem

In Passive modes of therapy the client abdicates responsibility for his bodies dysfunction to a therapist. This common approach suffers from creating a neurological disconnect between the structural dysfunction and the client’s nervous system. This is the “Fix me” mentality. It is popular in our instant gratification, fast food society,however it is rarely successful and at best yields only temporary and superficial results.

The Adaptive Bodywork difference

Adaptive Bodywork puts the client back into the drivers seat empowering him with the tools he needs to rapidly regain control of his structural rehabilitation and pain relief.  Using the sensory information generated by the therapist directed movements, the client creates the necessary feedback circuit that acts as a road map for the exploration and modification of the compromised and dysfunctional tissues.

Being in control allows the client the confidence to most effectively address his issues at a rate with which he is comfortable. This active approach maintains the connection between the client’s physiology or structure and his neurology or movement patterns, thereby integrating the two simultaneously. Adaptive Bodywork structurally improves the client’s functional myofascial continuities from head to foot.  As a team the client and therapist are able to work efficiently towards recreating a state of youthfulness in the client’s tissues and movement potential. 


The benefit to the practitioner

Adaptive Bodywork reboots your neural myofascial system. It simultaneously rebuilds your proprioceptive database, restores lost mobility, removes debilitating pain and integrates the work in real time, while creating and restoring useful movement patterns.  

Adaptive Bodywork is an active approach that saves time by directly targeting only the compromised structures while avoiding needlessly spending time in areas without dysfunction. 

The application of Adaptive Bodywork is such that the therapist remains balanced and relaxed at all times. Most of the applications are done by foot, ever aging body weight in a way that is gentle, slow and controlled. A simple transfer of body weight from one foot to the other affects great change without ever compromising the therapist physically in anyway. 

The Adaptive Bodywork approach teaches superb body mechanics that are easy for both client and therapist while greatly rejuvenating the body-wide connective tissue matrix, from head to toe.

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