Who is Ron Arbel, HHP, BCSI (me)? 

What is Adaptive Bodywork? 

  • Adaptive Bodywork is a development from Rolf Structural Integration and is applied by foot (for the most part).
  • It is an accumulation of my knowledge and experience gathered in my work and training.
  • It is extremely efficient way to work with Connective Tissue with little wear and tear on the practitioner and relatively to the results, very easy for the client.
  • In this course, you will learn how to treat most structural problems people present. With a test at the end… You know in your bones that you can do this.
  • The course is presented with a book: Adaptive Bodywork/ Active Pain Relief and human Structural Integration that is very well illustrated to facilitate easy learning and it is yours to keep.
  • The release of restriction in the Connective Tissue is leveraged by the client fully participating in the workout and stretching their connective tissue to help our work to be more efficient.
  • This active participation aids in understanding the nature of the pain that resides in their body and often leaves people with the thought: “why didn’t I think of that” which is a testament to the simplicity of the system taught.
  • This simplicity I speak of is not common knowledge, to the contrary, people try many different approaches that don’t work till they experience Adaptive Bodywork.
  • It is far from common sense and is surprising to find that most back pain resides in the thighs or that knee pain is in the calves…

Come join me…

  • I hope I have peaked your curiosity to try this 2.5 day course that will literally change your life.
  • There is equipment required that you can pay for and we will provide ($70), or you are welcome to bring on your own if you have the gear:
    • A mat (like a yoga mat or bigger)
    • Two poles
    • Pads (you can purchase a camping pad at Walmart and cut it up…)
    • Two risers and a block 
    • NOTE: I have a limited quantity of kits available for $50. Please email me at ron@painawaystrategies.com if you’d like to purchase one.
  • CE units are available from different organizations.
  • Included Book (PDF): Adaptive Bodywork/Active Pain Relief and Human Structural Integration is very well illustrated to facilitate easy learning and it is yours to keep.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

Ron Arbel, HHP, BCSI
Board Certified Structural Integrator
Holistic Health Practitioner